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High Quality Apps for Your Website, Without the Clutter

Simple to Add to Your Site

Pre-made Plugins for:
  • WordPress
  • BuddyPress
  • Blogger
Easy Copy & Paste HTML Code for:
  • Spruz
  • Ning
  • and Everything Else

Benefits of the Skysa Bar

  • Increase Traffic
    Making it easy for your visitors to share content with their friends drives traffic back to your site.
  • Promote Content Consumption
    Scrolling news, RSS reader, announcements, and other apps, all help your users discover more.
  • Improve Social Engagement
    Let your members chat and instant message each other directly on your site to drive a social expirence.
  • More...

What Users Say About Skysa

  • Really impressed with the capabilities of the Skysa bar. Exactly what our team was looking for to make our entire website come together. It's easy to set up, easy to edit, and looks really sharp. Good job on this one Skysa!Daniel at WIKD
  • I really love this app. I searched long and hard on the web for something cool, never thought that something this cool existed especially since it's free. She_So_Fresh
  • The trial period is great and the seamless integration as mentioned before is really NICE, now I can ease back on trying to code and focus more on booking gigs! Oh yeah, subscribing now! DangerousMindz Ent.
  • I love this lol. I love the compact rather than the full tool bar so nice. Roastrus
  • I've been really happy with the integration and pace of improvements. Your team strikes a good balance between developing new features and countinually improving existing ones. Keep up the great work. The Ning member integration is wonderful. Jwings
  • Thank you so much for this site. I've tried a few other bars, none of which are as great as yours. It was a perfect solution to a private site I moved off of MySpace to Blogger. Our group can now see who is online, chat with one another, post funny comments, etc. etc. Vicki Hopkins