Style Customization

Bar styles can be as simple as selecting a preset from our many theme and color options, or as fine tuned as you want to match your site just perfectly. Each of our 35+ presets can be fully customized by you to give your Skysa bar a unique touch.

Member Integration

The Skysa bar will automatically detect several different common website member systems and integrate with them to allow for a seamless user experience. If there are not any supported member systems on the site, all social apps will still work using the bar's own fallback simple registration and log in.

SSL Support

The Skysa bar automatically detects SSL secured web pages making sure not to break the secure status of your web page. On Pro plans, the bar is able to fully load using secure connections allowing every app to work normally on all the secure pages of your site.

Display Options

You decide exactly how the Skysa bar and its associated apps display. It can show at the top or bottom of your site. It can be set to hide until the page is scrolled. The bar can display across the entire width of your site, or as a corner menu only showing active apps.


Skysa bar apps such as chat room and comments allow in-app moderation. Setting up moderators is simple and allows you to quickly setup any member on your site with moderation control.

White Label

The White Label option removes all Skysa branding; including our Powered by Skysa which is displayed in the footer of App windows.

Live Support Chat

With the Live Support Chat app, you can engage directly with your members and visitors and be available for them to contact you in real-time. Not only is it a simple and elegant solution for your visitors, it was also built from the ground up with operator and site owner's experiences in mind. We have found that these experiences are often lacking in this type of service and set out to make sure that was not the case with ours. You will find that the Live Support Chat operator interface has the powerful features you want; all designed in a way to make them easy and intuitive to use without consulting a help or how-to guide. Read More

Chat Room

The Chat Room App is a chat room which opens in its own window directly on your page and takes advantage of our integrated member system. The Chat Room features a list of people currently in the room with a counter in the bar that displays the number of people in chat. Additionally, the Chat Room supports video chat, document sharing, custom message formatting and more.

Instant Messaging

The Instant Messaging app displays a list of people online so your members can Instant Message each other. Features include: auto linking, inline images displayed for image URLs, inline video display for YouTube video URLs, navigate to the same page as the person you are chatting with, typing indicator, and more. It is a great App to add a little more interaction to your website.

RSS Readers

The RSS Feed app allows you to enter an RSS feed and display summary information from the feed in and App Window.

The RSS Ticker app displays a ticker (scrolling message) from any RSS feed, on your bar. Features include: a mouse hover preview that shows some text from the entry and an image that auto pans if it is too large. In the App Settings you can set how wide the ticker displays on your bar, the number of entries to display, window open options for when an entry is clicked, and the loading text. You can install up to 3 RSS Tickers on your bar.

Site Translate

The Translate app will translate your website text to a language that is more familiar to your website visitor. You decide how many languages you want to offer for your website visitor to choose from. Additionally, this app extends the functionality of the Chat Room, enabling real-time conversation translation if installed.

Interactive Sharing

Interactive sharing allows people on your website to comment, and share pieces of your websites content. Users can highlight blocks of text, images, and videos, then comment, and post it to their favorite sharing website (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) When people click on the shared link users will see the content that was shared highlighted right on your website with the option to comment on it. This App features reporting that shows the links shared, comments, clicks and much more!


Alert your website visitors when there is something new to tell them. The Announcements app allows you to add announcement notices that display automatically 1 time per person when something new is posted.


The Comments app is very customizable and takes advantage of our integrated membership system. Control whether visitors or only members can comment, select the number of comments per page, and more! It also has a comment liking feature so people reading a comment can like it.

Custom App

The Custom App allows you to configure your own custom or third party widget/app for use in the bar. Copy and paste a Widget, HTML, Text or custom JavaScript. The custom app shows up in your bar just like other apps. When a user clicks on it, your custom code / widget will be rendered in a standard app window directly on the page.

Facebook Fan Page

This app displays information directly from your Facebook Page (Business, Brand, Cause, etc.). Add this App to bring your social spaces a little closer to home.

Flickr Photo Gallery by Cooliris

This is a photo wall that allows you to display photos from a flickr account.

Games Apps

The two Games apps bring in content from either HeyZap or Hooked Media.

Map and Directions

The Map and Directions app allows users to see a map and get directions to an address of your choosing. The user can also print out the directions.

Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu app adds a pop-up navigation menu to your website. Create links to sites you love, other pages on your site, or blog RSS feeds.

Quick Links

Offer quick launch links on your bar. The Quick Links app features daily click tracking and launches a link while keeping a bar at the top for quick navigation back to your website.

Scroll to Top

Scroll to Top is a simple app which adds a button for users to quickly scroll to the top of your page.


The Search app adds a universal search box to your Skysa bar. It allows you to add as many search providers as you want. By default it has presets for using Google search to search content on your site.


Get Twitter Connected on your website, post tweets directly from your web-page or blog. Features your Twitter feed, Conversation feed and Twitter Search.

Voting Poll

The Voting Poll app allows your members to vote on hot topics that you create. Key features include poll history, poll closing after a specified date and auto pop up for new polls.

YouTube Videos

The YouTube Videos app automatically grabs your newest videos from your YouTube Channel and displays them in a movable app box. It shows the video image, description, and title. Plus when a video is clicked it plays directly on your website!

Sharing Buttons

Skysa offers many apps specifically for sharing to a user's favorite social networking site or service. These special apps include: Facebook Like Buttons, Share on Facebook with Counter, Google + Button, Twitter Tweet Button, Twitter Follow Button, Share on Twitter with Counter, Share on Digg with Counter and AddThis Share Button.