The Easiest Live Support You Will Ever Use.

App Requires Skysa Basic - $4.95/mo

Add live support to your site with just a few clicks. Like all Skysa apps, there is no software to download and install. Simply add the small snippet of Skysa code to your site or use one of our easy add plugins for popular platforms like WordPress. Once you have Skysa on your site, you can add any app in our App Library to your site quickly and easily.

With the Live Support Chat app, you can engage directly with your members and visitors and be available for them to contact you in real-time. Not only is it a simple and elegant solution for your visitors, it was also built from the ground up with operator and site owner's experiences in mind. We have found that these experiences are often lacking in this type of service and set out to make sure that was not the case with ours. You will find that the Live Support Chat operator interface has the powerful features you want; all designed in a way to make them easy and intuitive to use without consulting a help or how-to guide.

User Initiated Chats

With customizable online and offline icons your Live Support Chat app button will be inviting and available to your visitors anytime at least one of your operators is online ready to help. When the app button in clicked by a visitor, they are presented with a waiting message, which you can customize, and their place in line. All online operators will see the new chat request and will have the ability to accept it.

Operator Engage

Operators have a real-time list of visitors on the site. Instead of waiting for a visitor to contact support, an operator has the ability to be pro-active and engage a visitor in a chat. When engaging a visitor, the first message is sent by the operator and pops up in a Live Support instant message window for the visitor. The visitor sees the message and has the option of replying or closing the chat window.

Visitor Information

To allow operators to better understand what a visitor may be looking for or needing, hovering over any visitor in the Visitors list will display information regarding the location of the person and their path through the site. The path shows what pages the visitor has gone to and how long they have stayed on each page.

Unlimited Operators

Many live support options charge based on the number of operators you setup. However, this model seems very constraining for websites that operate with volunteers or lower budget and not full-time employees. With that in mind, Skysa's Live Support Chat app allows you to setup as many operators as you need without affecting the price.

Canned Messages

When chatting in a support situation often the same questions will be asked often. That is why having a good system for canned messages is a great time saver and allows operators to handle more chats at a time. With the Live Support Chat app, canned messages are easy to add, edit and use. Managing canned messages takes place on the home tab of the operator window; with each list of canned messages specific to that operator. Using canned messages is easy and works with the usage style of the operator. A canned message menu is on the message toolbar when in a chat. Alternately, an operator can simply start typing and quick insert buttons for the best matches will display in the message toolbar as they type. The quick insert buttons can either be clicked, or the operator can use the displayed keyboard shortcut to insert that canned message without leaving the keyboard.

Chat History

Often a question comes up in support that an operator has already answered not long before, and a look back at that previous answer would be very helpful. Or perhaps there is a returning visitor and it would be useful to pick up the conversation where it was left off. A chat history of each operator is located on their operator window home tab for exactly these needs. The list is organized by date, and when hovering over any of the visitors in the online list, all previous chats from that visitor on the Chat History will be highlighted; making it easy to find the closed chat being searched for.

Operator to Operator Chat

In addition to the Visitors online section of the operator window, there is also a tab for other Operators online. This makes it easy for operators to quickly see and start conversing with other operators online at the same time. This is a useful way to quickly get information to help in a chat that another operator may know more about.

Sound Notifications

An important aspect of any real-time support application is the ability for an operator to be notified of activity without having to constantly look at the operator window. The Live Support Chat app has three unique notification sounds which can notify the operator of new visitors on the site, new chat waiting to be accepted, and new incoming messages. With these options it is easy for operators to keep track of live support activity even when they are multi-tasking.

Member Integration

Live Support Chat has the same great member integration as other Skysa social apps. If a user is logged in on your site, they will show in the operator window visitor list with their user name and options to view their profile. This makes it easy to interact in a personalized way with people who are already members of your site.

Chat Type Color Coding

In the operator window the few colors used play a very specific role in helping the operator keep track of the activity and managing conversations. The option to engage a visitor is purple and once the chat is started this color carries through to show up in the Visitors list, showing at a glance which visitors have already been engaged. Additionally, options to accept a chat are green, and the visitor shows in that color in the Visitor list as well.

URL Push

The ability for an operator to push a URL to a visitor in chat can be a big help when doing support. The URL Push feature is designed to be easy, useful and smart. Since it is not a feature which is used all the time, the option to push a URL stays out of the way until it is needed. As soon as a URL is entered into a message by an operator, the Push URL button displays below the Send button. When a URL is pushed it will show differently than a normal link to the visitor. Giving them the option to go to the link right away, or cancel. If the app sees that the URL is on the same site, it will push the user to that page automatically after a five seconds, giving the visitor time cancel the navigation if they do not wish to be re-directed there.

Offline Message or URL Redirect

There are times an operator may not be online when a visitor wants help. For this, the Live Support Chat app allows you to set an offline message or a redirect URL for the visitor. If a message is used, it will display in the Live Support Chat app window for the visitor when they click the app button. If you set an offline URL, the visitor will be redirected to that page.

Multimedia Support in the Conversation

Just like the Skysa Instant Messaging and Chat Room apps, the Live Support Chat app includes automatic display of rich content linked to in the conversation. Links to pictures display as clickable thumbnails and links to YouTube videos display as video players, which can be played directly in the chat.

Response Time Indicators

A major part of customer service is timely responses to support questions. Response time indicators are gentle reminders that make sure an operator knows when a new reply has come in and how long the visitor has been waiting. If any chats are waiting to be accepted, the accept chat notification bar starts out in blue and starts turning to red if the visitor has been waiting longer than 30 seconds. The same thing happens with new messages in an active chat; when a new message comes in the tab for that chat displays in blue and after 30 seconds without an operator reply begins turning red.

Smart Reporting

Reporting interfaces for live support programs are usually a nightmare to comprehend. For something as simple as seeing how many simultaneous chats an operator had in a shift one usually must compare start and end times of chats in the chat log. Live Support Chat from Skysa is completely unique in the way it reports data, making it easy to see the information you are looking for.

A clickable timeline at the top of the reports screen allows you to select the time frame to view. A tab indicates what time range you are currently viewing. There are blue indicators on the timeline to show any chat activity and allow you to easily see and click to the active times. If there are any chats for a given 8 hour range you select, a chat timeline for those 8 hours will show below organized by operators. Each operator with active chats for that time line will have one or more rows of chats. When there are simultaneous chats for an operator, more rows get created to make room; the number of rows for the operator is the maximum simultaneous chats they had during that time frame.

Hovering over the chat timeline for an operator provides a magnified view with more precise information and the ability to click on a chat to toggle it open or closed. Additionally, the name of the operator can be clicked to bring up a full list of chats for easy opening.

You will notice that the same color coding from the Operator window carries through to the reporting. On the chat timeline and the opened chat view, you can easily see if the chat was visitor initiated or operator engaged and you can see the how good the average response time was for the chat.