Creating your own app for Skysa is simple and fun to do. Following a few quick steps you can use this powerful feature of Skysa with your bar.

A custom app can use any client side coding. This can include a combination of HTML and JavaScript.

Step 1.
First, go your your account page and click on the bar profile you wish to create a custom app for.

Step 2.
Click on Add Apps, then click on Uncategorized Apps.

Step 3.
Clicking Add will start the process of adding your Custom APP to your bar. Start by customizing the Button Label, Icon Image, and Window Title

Step 4.
Now you are ready to add your own custom code. This could be an embed code from YouTube to display a video, a message to your site visitor (code of conduct, hours of operation, etc), or something more advanced like adding a Google iCalendar.

Step 5. 
Finally save your changes and enjoy. You can add as many custom Apps as you would like to your Skysa Bar. Skysa also features codes that you can use to output information within your apps as well.

Please note that the custom app is a feature within our premium plans.