A bar profile is created for each site you wish to install a Skysa bar on. When you first register with Skysa you are prompted to create at least one bar profile. Each bar profile has it's own set of Apps, Data and Style. This allows you to manage more then one bar profile per account.

You can create a unique bar profile for each website you own or manage. You can also create separate bar profiles for different sections or areas of your website.

Bar profiles are very useful for website designers and developers. People that design websites for others can create sub accounts for their clients to individually manage their own bar profile for their website.

Each bar profile creates it's own embed code that is unique to the profile created.

The number of bar profiles that can be created per account is dependent on the number of profiles included in your plan. All plans include a base of up to 2 bar profiles, but more profiles can be purchased within a plan.