Each time the Skysa bar is displayed to a visitor of your website counts as 1 bar view or load. When this happens a call is made to the Skysa servers to display your bars content and features. Each time a bar is loaded it consumes resources.

Bar loads should not be confused with your site page views or page hits. The bar is only loaded when a visitor is able to view the Skysa bar on your website. For example search spiders that index your pages will not trigger a bar load, thus will not count towards your bar view limit.

Within each plan we include a limit of how many bar views you can use within a one month period. Free plans include 250,000 bar loads per account, while premium plans start with a base of up to 500,000 bar loads per month.  When these limits are reached you have the option to upgrade your plan to include more bar loads per month.

Bar loads are aggregated across all bar profiles in your account. This allows you to spread out your resources among many different websites.