Full SSL Support Now on Pro Plans

SSL Support

We are proud to announce a big milestone which makes Skysa the perfect solution for even more websites: integrated SSL Support. Support for secure SSL web pages is now fully integrated and automatic when you have a Pro plan. It even works on sites with mixed pages, some...Read More

New App Icon Libraries

Select an App Icon for your Skysa App bar

In addition to being able to use the default app icon or inputing a URL to your own icon you have hosted, we have now added an Icon Library tab next to app icon fields when adding or editing your apps. Click the yellow Icon Library tab to...Read More

WordPress Plugin Updates

Our WordPress plugin is getting more and more popular. Due to all the attention you have been giving it, we have been able to get some great feedback along the way. This has led to a lot of recent updates to the plugin. Most of the updates have been based...Read More

New Members Area in Bar Management

The most popular Skysa apps are social in nature, requiring a member login for integration. The Skysa bar has its own basic member system which can be used for such authentication. However, being able to integrate with existing member systems instead is one of Skysa's great strengths. This all happens...Read More

New App Stats and App Management

We have made several updates to the bar management area, specifically in the My Apps section. Under "My Apps" you now have three tabs: Stats, Overview and Manage.

Skysa Apps Overview Tab

Overview Tab - Overview shows a list of all the apps you have installed, clicking on them...Read More

New Skysa Website Now Live!

We are very happy to introduce you to the new Skysa website! Our new website features tons of improvements and advances over our old website.

One awesome feature is the ability to create sub accounts to manage bars. This will come in really handy for our enterprise customers and...Read More