We have just released our first major update to the Instant Messaging app. Since its launch, most updates to the app have been behind-the-scenes changes, with very few visible feature or user interface adjustments; that all changes today.

New Instant Message Conversation Window

Here’s what is new:

New styling on the top menu button to make it more obvious and clickable; the color of the button matches the app menu button style of your bar. Additionally the down arrow now matches the text color correctly.

Translate is now available in instant messaging, including the ability to auto translate as new messages from that person comes in. Just like in the Chat Room app, the translate app must be installed on your bar in order for it to be available in instant messaging.

New Translate Option in Instant Message App

An Ignore option has also been added to the top menu, it allows a user to ignore anyone which tries to chat with them.

IM Options is a new options pane which is accessible from the top menu on IM conversation windows and from the Instant Message app button on your Skysa bar. The option to have a sound when new messages come in has been moved to this new options pane.

Instant Message App Options

An option to turn off page following has also been added to the IM Options dialog along with a way to manage your ignore list.

Smileys have been added to a new menu next to the submit box making it easy to insert on of the many smileys supported in the IM and Chat Room apps.

A collaborate menu has also been added next to the submit box as well, providing a shared white board, shared document editing and info on sharing images and videos.

Pop-out is now enabled for IM windows; allowing each conversation to be popped out from the site and to continue the conversation no matter if they are still on the site or not.

Instant Message App Popped Out

Please provide your feedback in the comments below. If you encounter any bugs, please open a support request so we can look into it for your right away.