High Volume Messaging Service from Skysa

For the past 6 months we have been working hard developing a new messaging server architecture that will accommodate the growing needs of our users. This week we are excited to announce that we have been able to roll out this brand new high volume messaging server for all Skysa Apps that use messaging. The Chat Room, Instant Messaging, and Live Support Chat apps have been re-written to support the new service, as well as adding several other performance and usability improvements.

The High Volume (HV) upgrade is an extremely important update, which allows large numbers of concurrent users to be on your site without degrading individual user experience. In the past, if your site had a lot of traffic, especially a lot of logged in members at a time, the data transferred to each member with every interaction grew quickly. This lead to issues in message deliverability and overall performance, which reached a total failure point from the user perspective when 50 or more users were on a site at once. With our new HV messaging server, the user data does not grow significantly based on concurrent users. We have estimated that the new Chat/IM apps can support in excess of thousands of concurrent online members and users! All this without effecting performance!

The High Volume upgrade has already been applied to all the messaging apps. Enjoy the smoother and livelier experience in your messaging apps and keep socializing!