We just released a new update to our Chat Room app, which includes some much requested features for the video chat portion of the app.

First up, we changed the way the video chat portion is opened. It now, by default, will open automatically above the text chat area if there are any users broadcasting. It does not require any extra steps for the user to see videos. If the user wishes to turn off the video portion of the chat room, they can do so in their settings section of the chat room on the right toolbar.

To begin broadcasting, the user clicks the video tab at the top of the chat room. That opens the broadcast pane, allowing the user to change broadcast settings and grant permission to Flash to use their webcam/mic. There are some new options in broadcast settings, allowing the user to toggle on and off video and audio. If both are toggled off, the user will stop broadcasting.

Please let us know what you think of the update. And, as always, if you encounter anything you think is a bug or have any how-to questions, please let us know in a support request so our team can correct the issue for you.