We have made several updates to the bar management area, specifically in the My Apps section. Under "My Apps" you now have three tabs: Stats, Overview and Manage.

Skysa Apps Overview Tab

Overview Tab - Overview shows a list of all the apps you have installed, clicking on them will take you directly to the options for that app. On the right it provides a list of actions and reports available for specific apps you have installed. Some actions could include Managing Comments or Adding Announcements. Also on the right is a small chart showing the total app usage for the week; clicking it will take you to the Stats tab.

Skysa Apps Stats Tab

Stats Tab - Stats provides a detailed look at how apps are often apps are used and specific aspects of certain app usage as well. You can compare apps against each other or click on an app to see just that app and if applicable the specific feature usage within that app.

Skysa Apps Manage Tab

Manage Tab - Manage allows you to move around the order of your apps and also delete apps you do not use. If you want to keep an app’s settings but do not wish to keep it on your bar at this time, you can move it into the Non-Active Apps section. When in that section it will not load on your bar, but you can always re-enable it later.

Please provide your feedback on this change and let us know what other features you would like to see in the future.