The most popular Skysa apps are social in nature, requiring a member login for integration. The Skysa bar has its own basic member system which can be used for such authentication. However, being able to integrate with existing member systems instead is one of Skysa's great strengths. This all happens automatically for you; if you add Skysa to a site with a member system which is supported, you and your members will never encounter Skysa's own member system. Due to our support of member systems on many platforms (Facebook Connect, Wordpress, Spruz, Buddypress, and more), most of our users do not use the Skysa fallback member system.

Sksya Bar Management Members Tab

The Membership tab in your bar management (now called just "Members") has been your way to see the members which have signed up on your bar; if you needed and were using the Skysa fallback member system. Since this is not the case for most people, we have re-designed the Members section to show All Members, no matter how they connect and interact with the Skysa bar. You now have a robust way search for and browse members as well as see additional details about them, such as approximate location, IP address and member ID.

If you are using Skysa's member system, you can still manage those members from the Integrated Membership sub tab.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.