We have just released a new and exciting app which has been in the works for some time; the Who’s Online app.

Who's Online - Skysa App

A lot of our users have relied on the Instant Messaging app to show a count of who is currently on their site. However they have also been disappointed, when using it that way, because it is designed to only show people who are connectable. What people really want in an “who’s online” app, is a count of who has been on the site in the last few minutes; and that is exactly what we give you with the new app. In fact, we allow you to set how many minutes to go back for your online count.

When the Who’s Online app button is clicked it pops up an app window showing a map of the world with the location of each person online. Instead of showing a messy jumble of pins, they are grouped in areas with a denser concentration with a count of how many are in that area. The map is zoomable for more detail on the location. There is an option on the app to show popular content on the site. Popular content lists links to the current most popular pages on your site in and the number of visits those pages have seen in the last few minutes.