Our WordPress plugin is getting more and more popular. Due to all the attention you have been giving it, we have been able to get some great feedback along the way. This has led to a lot of recent updates to the plugin. Most of the updates have been based around usability of the plugin itself and making the bar work seamlessly with popular WordPress plugins, such as BuddyPress.

We added two new settings to the plugin based on requests we have received. First, we added the option to hide the bar for logged out users. This may be useful for more private site communities. The second option we added is to customize the login page path. This is the page logged-out users are directed to if they try to use an app which requires login. This setting defaults to /wp-login.php, some site owners have wanted to change this to their own custom page or a register page.

If you have a WordPress or BuddyPress site, be sure to check out the app. And if you already have the app installed get the update, it's worth it. Also, your feedback is very welcome. Feel free to let us know what you think by rating the app and in the comments below.

Official WordPress Skysa App Bar Plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/skysa-official/