On the House

  • Bar Style Designer
    Customize the look and feel of your Skysa bar with the Bar Designer.
    Makes it easy customize your bar to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Member Integration
    Many of the Apps you can install within your Skysa Bar can use your Websites Member Information to display their name, photo and more!
  • Easy to Install
    Skysa is very easily added to website or blog. Installs and Customizes in minutes, delivering instant value to your website and/or membership.


  • Manage Multiple Bars
    This plan covers more than 1 website. Create customized bars for each website you own or administrate.
  • Create Custom Apps
    Your not limited to the Apps we offer.

    Quickly and easily create your own with JavaScript, Flash, or HTML

  • Use Premium Apps
    Chat Room, Live Support Chat, Instant Messaging, Custom Apps and more. Deliver more robust features to your members with our socially engaging premium apps.
  • Unlimited Apps
    Add as many Apps as you would like to each of your Skysa Bar Profiles.


  • White Label
    Removes All Skysa branding, including our Powered by Skysa that is displayed in the footer of App windows.
  • SSL (HTTPS) Support
    Full support for secure web pages. The bar and all apps are loaded using trusted secure connections so your page stays secure at all times.
  • Ad Placement Module
    Boost the monetization of your website with persistent always in view Ad Placements or create ad rotation campaigns that display on your bar or within Skysa Apps
  • Management Accounts
    Allow other Administrators to login and Manage Bar Profiles. Allows you to off load tasks to employees within your organization while protecting your billing and personal information.
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